because today is the worst day of the rest of your week


New Management

Contrary to popular belief, Monday is not closed but under new management by a well-established firm from down under. Way down under. And we are working hard to make Monday the hottest fast food franchise anywhere.

serving 100% recycled coffee


g.d.i. Monday is featured prominently in the novel “Raising Hell.

Fans of Raising Hell can check in for blogs from His Satanic Majesty himself, and learn about fan posts and other wickedly fun activities and add their own stories and art.

Raising Hell the Novel
Raising Hell cover

A clueless optimist ruins Lucifer’s perfectly ordered hell. How can His Satanic Majesty corrupt him before he brings joy and harmony to every demon and damned soul? Perfect for a lazy read with a lukewarm cup of Monday’s 100% recycled coffee and our supersized superstale biscottis or scones.Order the book or read chapters online.


Monday's at Home

Monday's 100% recycled coffee

Can’t find a Monday’s in your town or neighborhood? Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing you in one of our neighborhoods before too long. Most people show up sooner or later. Until then, your can order Monday’s 100% recycled coffee from the comfort of your own home. But hurry! Our supply is limited.




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